Monthly Archive: April 2018


The Bash Hackers Wiki

Yes… the bash documentation that I’ve always looked for and that I’ve never found, I love this team! Declaring the intentions as: The main motivation was to provide human-readable documentation and information so users aren’t forced to read every bit of the Bash manpage – which can be difficult to understand. Source: The Bash Hackers Wiki [Bash Hackers Wiki] I...


Evolutions of Big Data Analisys for streaming data and machine learning solutions

The ecosystem of Big Data analysis has evolved in recent years with new databases, streaming data and machine learning solutions which  require more than the classic deployment model. The revolution of Container technologies try to cover these new objectives and there are possible to accomplish in the organizations. Below 2 articles where you can start thinking about what is most...


How Uses Kubernetes for Machine Learning

Recommended reading: Sahil Dua explained how has been able to scale machine learning (ML) models for recommending destinations and accommodation to their customers using Kubernetes, at QCon London conference. In particular, he stressed how Kubernetes elasticity and resource starvation avoidance on containers helps them run computationally (and data) intensive, hard to parallelize, machine learning models. Source: How Uses...