In this page I want collect some of my projects that I have developed on my free time. I’m not only IT Specialist, but software, technology are also my preferred hobbies and for this reason often I act as “garage-developer” and I have fun in producing code. Check what I have done below.

WordPress Plugin Developer

I discovered WordPress several years ago, this site is made in WordPress and I think it’s a very elastic content management system. That’s the reason I’m also a developer for this platform, this is my plugins

You can found more information in the follow list:

  •  EndomondoWP –  Embed Endomondo workouts on WordPress Blog
  • OdynoGoogleGroup – Yes, OdynoGoogleGroups embed the Google Groups on WordPress!
  • YAT -Yet Another Translator add a new widget into wordpress. It allows you to translate the current page of site with the Google Translator Service
    • .: | tutorial | demo | code :.
  • CARODY –  Carody is WordPress plugin for CarManagement and FleetManagement
    • .: | tutorial | demo | code :.

JQuery Developer

I tried to play a bit with JQuery Plugins system and I have dove this plugins:

  • JQuery Position Picker -A jQuery plugin that creates a location picker on your webpage with a simple input form.

Java developer

As Java developer I have done a lot of work because it was my primary language. A short list is the follow:

  • Odyno DataBus” (the source code is hosted on github) it was what for me was the maximum of abstraction and isolation. It is a J2SE DataBus component, OSGi R4 compliant, for the management of a logical databus. The Odyno DataBus is a subsystem that transfers Java-Object among components inside a computer, or among computers. I have implemented the publish-subscribe pattern with the possibility to filter by types or by aspect of types.
  • Icaro – Rich Client Application allows to have a application interface ready to be used in individual projects. you can create windows chield of a frame (content), windows sliding / retractable side (view) and provide immediate action bar menu + integrated into the frame for all activities definiete (Actions)
  • AST-Parent-Pom  The Alessandro STaniscia MAVEN parent pom used for all software made by me. I work as Software Specialist, but software, technology are also my preferred hobbies. So, often I act as garage-developer and I have fun in producing code.

You can download this and other compiled artefacts with the link on owned page or with the link into the downloads page. For the maven nature project you can add my repository in your


with this simple code (more info on my article Creare un repository Maven con server ftp e http)

[gist /]

Other source code

If you want to fork my code you can do because most of my projects are on either GithubGithub or BitbucketBitbucket, other in this site and other in my “garage-datastore”. I list my projects here, organized bu location

  • {{github:Odyno}}
  • ProxySetting – Set proxy on linux shell with this simple scripts
    [download id=”1″ format=”num_d”]