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Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics in Apache Kafka Applications

This article is very useful because it discuss and compare two different options for AI model deployment: model servers with remote procedure calls (RPCs), and natively embedding models into Kafka client applications. This example uses TensorFlow, but the underlying principles are also valid for other machine learning/deep learning frameworks or products, such as, Deeplearning4j, Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine,...


Siamo al “NET MAKERS”

Lo sapevi che alle 15:00 all’interno della sezione Cloud e Servizi: Modelli, novità e casi d’uso presenteremo il caso di studio Wavefier al Workshop GARR 2019 – NET MAKERS? Ero presente come speaker in questa discussione, di seguito anche il video nel nostro intervento Ma in generale possibile seguire tutti gli interessanti interventi tramite la piattaforme di streaming del garr

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Is not only a “Gentle Introduction to Kubernetes”

I want to report this article because it is really a gold mine! you start from scratch, you install Python, you develop an App, you run the container, you install k8s and you get to discuss about deploying on k8s… Do you want anything else? In this story, we’re going to use learn how to deploy Kubernetes services and Ambassador...


Micro Frontends

“Good frontend development is hard. Scaling frontend development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product is even harder.”  This is the prelude to the very interesting article written by Cam Jackson where we propose a different method to create a scalable and complex web interface. Please read it carefully How to split up your...


Design Patterns for Microservices

A nice article, a concise list of “Design Patterns for Microservices”, very useful as a reference and as a starting point for in-depth studies on the subject! Well done   Design Patterns for Microservices A detailed description of many design patterns for Microservices. Source: DZone or Madhuka Udantha blog


Something is changing

Have you noticed that something on the site does not work and more is new instead? That’s true! I’m trying to do something different and I’m in a creative phase. Stay tuned


Success or Burnout? Q&A on How Personal Agility Can Help

How can you find out if you’re being successful or heading for a burnout? The only person who can really answer that question is you. A Q&A with Peter Stevens and Maria Matarelli who spoke about success or burnout and personal agility at eXperience Agile 2018. Source: Success or Burnout? Q&A on How Personal Agility Can Help


Automating Datacenter Operations at Dropbox

  Introduction As a company that manages our own infrastructure we need to be able to rapidly install new server capacity and ensure that the equipment entering our production environment is highly reliable. Source: Automating Datacenter Operations at Dropbox


Machine Learning Pipeline for Real-Time Forecasting @Uber Marketplace

On  Chong Sun and Danny Yuan discuss how Uber is using ML to improve their forecasting models, the architecture of their ML platform, and lessons learned running it in production. The meeting is well structured and divided into 3 large parts: The pipeline and why do forecasting, what is the challenge they face The Model Management ( 17:52m )...


Released “Simple Vertical Timeline”

I’m glad to announce the release of new plugin for WordPress, the “Simple Vertical Timeline”! It’s a plugin that allow you to create a timeline in your Article or Page. You can decide to add it via shortcode or via useful and simple buttons in your editor. Check how it work on the Demo Page and if you want the code is...