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The Bash Hackers Wiki

Yes… the bash documentation that I’ve always looked for and that I’ve never found, I love this team! Declaring the intentions as: The main motivation was to provide human-readable documentation and information so users aren’t forced to read every bit of the Bash manpage – which can be difficult to understand. Source: The Bash Hackers Wiki [Bash Hackers Wiki] I...


Evolutions of Big Data Analisys for streaming data and machine learning solutions

The ecosystem of Big Data analysis has evolved in recent years with new databases, streaming data and machine learning solutions which  require more than the classic deployment model. The revolution of Container technologies try to cover these new objectives and there are possible to accomplish in the organizations. Below 2 articles where you can start thinking about what is most...


The Difference Between React.js, React Native and React VR 

I often hear about React in an inappropriate way, this small and excellent overview is useful to understand the main features provided by the facebook library. Analysis and comparison of popular JavaScript libraries, where React.js is the main one. We explain the differences between React, React Native & React VR. Source: The Difference Between React.js, React Native and React VR...

WEB Team Navionics India

Web Team Navionics Indian

I made my second trip to India, in Navionics Technologies – INDIA,  to visit my Web Team Navionics India… here they are!

RTL-SDR compile on windows7

How to build RTL-SDR on Windows x64

I decided to write a short tutorial where I’m going to explain how I  built the rtlsdr software on windows x64 from source… why? After a crash of my personal linux laptop I had to come back to windows installed on the laptop I use at work. Now I have only it, but I want to continue using rtl-sdr! Unfortunately,...

Schema di utilizzo del parent POM di maven

Creare un repository Maven con server ftp e http

In questo articolo voglio descrivere come ho risolto il problema della distribuzione dei propri artefatti; come ho creato un piccolo repository Maven con un spazio Http servito da accesso Ftp.  La distribuzione dei propri artefatti è un problema che si affronta quando si incomincia a strutturare il proprio progetto in qualcosa di più grande e non si possiede una infrastruttura...

Unit Test

How to test OSGi Applications?

When you’re testing OSGi bundles, some little differences are present and we’ll start by discussing unit testing, since that’s the simplest case in many ways. We’ll then show you some tools and strategies that we hope you’ll find useful for integration and system testing. Full article to explain is present on How to test OSGi Applications? on Other good...


Proxy settings on linux shell

Possiedo un portatile aziendale, e spesso mi trovo a fare operazioni sul mio terminale linux, che hanno bisogno di accessi ad internet. Niente di nuovo, certo! ho, però, il problema della  mia rete aziendale… esiste un proxy con autenticazione che mi controlla. Ciò mi porta ad inserire mille volte la password del proxy (e non sono il tipo da “ricorda...


Convert mobile video format with linux

Mi sono spesso ritrovato a convertire un video girato con il mio cellulare in un formato più comune per il PC. Ogni volta la strada è stata diversa, esistono molti modi per convertire questi video. Questa volta, però, voglio tracciare il mio cammino per poi ripeterlo e magari estenderlo ogni volta che scopo qualcosa di nuovo… spero che ti possa...