March 20, 2016

Web Team Navionics Indian

I made my second trip to India, in Navionics Technologies – INDIA,  to visit my Web Team Navionics India… here they are!

Web Team Navionics India

This is the current WebAPP, WebAPI, Website teams based in Navionics India

In alphabetical order: Bhagavan Sankuratri, Gopi Lavudya, Harika Challa, Jyotsna Rani Bandi, Parkavi C, Praveen Kumar Jagathapu, Shubham Dhakad, Sowmya Shettipally, Suresh Koya, Vaibhav Kailasrao Dhore.

All of them (and not only them) help me to pursue a range of quality products Navionics brand, in a country in full development and economic boom, in a country where a lot of contradictions coexist that a Westerner like me do not always understand.

Some other image of my trip:



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