From hell to paradise: the metamorphosis of my historical bicycle

Why this strange post? Who cares about my bike? probably no one!  but I want to give honor to my historical bike after its 22 years of activity. After the robbery of my 2 last bikes I found it in my parents garage. It was there taking dust and rust… the next step for the bike is the dumping ground. I decided its restoration. Probably the cost of this action is equivalent to the one of a new bike, but in term of funny I think it’s a very good investment.

A bit of story

My father bought the bike in 1989, I was 10 years old and I remember the big dimension of this bike, I grew up over it!  I remember very well that day, we spent 140.000 Lire for it, and we bought it in a specialized shop. With this bike I did a lot of KMs because it was my unique transport… and I used it to move over any direction and with any type of weather. I used it from 10 years old to 18 years old. The most important place covered by me

Step one, the disassemble


Step two, strip paint.

Start with the sandpaper I immediately changed on paint remover for iron 😉

Step three, repainting

Step four, new components

The Final Result

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