February 5, 2018

Home made home automation

Continue my journey in the world of domotics: I will use as much as possible the sensors present at home, maybe forgotten in a corner because unused!
Here is how to haking the temperature sensors at home…. or smoke sensors… or the domestic alarm.

Below is a list of illuminant articles

Over on his blog, Gough Lui has posted about his experiences with decoding various ASK/OOK devices on the unlicenced 433 MHz ISM band using an RTL-SDR and the command line program rtl_433. Gough shows how he was able to receive and decode the data from an Aldi weather station device and a wireless doorbell transmitter.…

Source: Using an RTL-SDR and RTL_433 to Decode Various Devices – rtl-sdr.com

Over on his blog, Yashin has written a post showing how to analyze 433 MHz transmitters using several methods. Devices that transmit using low power 433 MHz are common and often include devices such as weather monitors, power monitors and alarm sensors. To show his analysis methods Yashin used an ASK modulated FS1000A 433 MHz transmitter connected to…

Source: Analyzing 433 MHz Transmitters with the RTL-SDR – rtl-sdr.com

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