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Home made home automation

Continue my journey in the world of domotics: I will use as much as possible the sensors present at home, maybe forgotten in a corner because unused! Here is how to haking the temperature sensors at home…. or smoke sensors… or the domestic alarm. Below is a list of illuminant articles Over on his blog, Gough Lui has posted about...


The Difference Between React.js, React Native and React VR 

I often hear about React in an inappropriate way, this small and excellent overview is useful to understand the main features provided by the facebook library. Analysis and comparison of popular JavaScript libraries, where React.js is the main one. We explain the differences between React, React Native & React VR. Source: The Difference Between React.js, React Native and React VR...


Un’ora di salite per venti minuti di discesa

Quello che in questa pagina colleziono può essere riassunto tutto nel titolo “Un’ora di salite per venti minuti di discesa”; esso è semplicemente una piccola sfida che mi sono prefissato, riscoprire la mia vecchia amica MTB percorrendo i monti pisani.


Released “Simple Vertical Timeline”

I’m glad to announce the release of new plugin for WordPress, the “Simple Vertical Timeline”! It’s a plugin that allow you to create a timeline in your Article or Page. You can decide to add it via shortcode or via useful and simple buttons in your editor. Check how it work on the Demo Page and if you want the code is...


70 Vespa, Museo Piaggio… e prossime sfide!

Questo è l’anno del 70 anniversario della nascita della Vespa e un pò per caso, un pò grazie anche alla antenna delle mia compagna, ci siamo ritrovati a visitare il Museo della Piaggio! Ecco la mia piccola esperienza e contributo per questo evento e… ma ci siete mai stati al museo? è Fantastico!

WEB Team Navionics India

Web Team Navionics Indian

I made my second trip to India, in Navionics Technologies – INDIA,  to visit my Web Team Navionics India… here they are!


From hell to paradise: the metamorphosis of my historical bicycle

Why this strange post? Who cares about my bike? probably no one!  but I want to give honor to my historical bike after its 22 years of activity. After the robbery of my 2 last bikes I found it in my parents garage. It was there taking dust and rust… the next step for the bike is the dumping ground. I decided...


EndomondoWP release 0.0.2

I’m glad to announce the release of a new version with many more views to include in your blog!You can look at this short tutorial to see how it works… Enjoy the show!!! Download the plugin from WordPress Site install it and add EndomondoWP on page/post. Major features: Add view event Add view team Add view challenge Admin Changed with...

RTL-SDR compile on windows7

How to build RTL-SDR on Windows x64

I decided to write a short tutorial where I’m going to explain how I  built the rtlsdr software on windows x64 from source… why? After a crash of my personal linux laptop I had to come back to windows installed on the laptop I use at work. Now I have only it, but I want to continue using rtl-sdr! Unfortunately,...